The Monkey Sessions feat. Javier Arce

Turn on your stereo ’cause the sixth volume of The Monkey Sessions is here and this time our guest DJ is no other than one of the first Kings of Mambo members ever: Javier Arce!

For this brand new compilation, Javier has selected amazing interludes and some fine tunes from his favorite bands: Trentemoller, El Ten Eleven, Milagres, Gablé or Racalmuto. He has also taken care of the cover illustration, which we think is awesome!

The Glitch Mob, Santigold or The Chamaleons complete one of our best compilations up to now, including “Brass Monkey”, our private tribute to MCA from the Beastie Boys who passed away a few weeks back. Rest in peace, you funky monkey!

Javier, our favorite super-talented-creative-developer-writer-designer-illustrator-and-ex-dictionary-eater, is now living in Madrid after spending some years in Amsterdam and creates amazing projects for the company Vizzuality.

Mr. Arce was one of the first developers to join Kings of Mambo at the very beginning, but even as he left the company many years ago to find his own path, he gained the honor to be a King of Mambo for life :)

Uno! Dos! Tres! Cuatro! Cinco: Maaaaambo!