The Monkey Sessions feat. Francesc Coves

The seventh volume of The Monkey Sessions is out and as Sheldon from TBBT says, “you always get back to monkeys… Just monkeys, monkeys, monkeys!”. And that’s what this is all about: songs about monkeys… and bananas!

This time our featured guest is non other than our friend Francesc Coves: art director, photographer and above all, an amazing guy.

When we asked him to be our guest DJ, Francesc had the idea to select just songs about monkeys, which we loved: “The monkey” by Mano Negra, “Biggest monkey” by Chef’s Special, “Monkey Wrench” by Foo Fighters or “Fire coming out of the monkey’s head” by Gorillaz are some of his selections for The Monkey Sessions.

Francesc is the author of the “Camino” series on Instagram, an amazing journey told through his pictures of his year in Barcelona, celebrated by thousands of followers and admirers all over the world. His “camino” is now taking him to London, where we hope he’ll have the best of lucks.

So we just say: all the love and keep on monkeying!