The Monkey Sessions * Au revoir summer special!

Summer is… over? Take that ugly look off your face and get your stereo on. Our new playlist is dedicated to the most glorious time of the year: THE-SUMMER-HOLIDAYS!

We know! Another year waiting for the holidays to come, to go away from those boring work mates, your annoying neighbours… Twelve months ahead to leave your desk and get your sandals on. But we have the antidote to that feeling! Our new playlist welcomes you to the cruel reality with some fresh tunes that will help you go back to our beloved summer, the sun, the beach and the sea!

Within this crazy selection of tracks, you’ll find songs from artist like Gorillaz, Violent Femmes, Kings of Leon, R.E.M., Lana del Rey, Vampire Weekend, Bloodhound Gang and national bands such as Los Planetas, Formula V and Le Mans! Not everything is going to be that bad at the end of the summer!