The Monkey Sessions feat. Oriol Malet

It’s all about … Jazz! And a new volume of The Monkey Sessions is here to enlighten your day from the hand of a new guest DJ, our friend and favorite illustrator Oriol Malet!

In this new compilation, Oriol has got together a playlist full of jazz tunes played and arranged by the best Catalan musicians. Starting with the most classical and Mediterranean jazz themes, the list goes on through the most modern Catalan jazz scene tracks, incorporating rap, samplers and groove. The list ends with the most vivid and crazy songs to round out an exquisite collection. With artists such as Tete Montoliu, Lluís Vidal Trio, Raynald Colom, Perico Sambeat or Marc Ayza, the list is a declaration of love from Oriol to one of his greatest inspirations: Jazz music.

Oriol Malet is the mind behind Malet & Co, an illustration agency started with his five other siblings which work for clients such as Time Out Barcelona, La Vanguardia, Tria Llibres, Jot Dot Magazine and artists in this very same playlist such as Andreu Zaragoza or Llibert Fortuny. He has also taken care of the huge illustration for this month’s cover.

Whether you are a jazz fan or not, we are sure you will enjoy this new playlist. And if not, we can always quote the great Miles Davis… So what?