The Monkey Sessions feat. CarlaGoon

Monkey says: “Ladies and gentlemen: @CarlaGoon, the awesome, fantastic and sensational copywriter and future Queen of Comedy, is the new guest DJ on the sixteenth volume of The Monkey Sessions!”

In a list that she has named “Aunque la mona se vista de seda…”, something like “You can not make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” for English speakers -you ask her about it-, Carla has compiled great themes of great female voices of pop and rock bands as Camera Obscura, The Breeders, Los Punsetes, BOY, Crystal Fighters and Feist, among many others.

Carla is our favorite copywriter since years ago when, almost a girl, knocked on the door of the studio and offered to work with us. We hired her almost immediately for a project with Vueling and since then she owns the title of Honorable Copywriter at Kings of Mambo. She’s currently working for HerraizSoto&Co, an agency we’ve also collaborated with some time along the years.

Monkey now, says: “Stop talking and grab your headphones, sit back and enjoy The Monkey Sessions volume 16!