The Monkey Sessions feat. Laprisamata

Devils and galaxies … What does this mean? Discover a new session of The Monkey Sessions with Laprisamata as our guest DJ!

“Diablos & Galaxias” is the title of this eclectic and international playlist that Laprisamata has compiled for the seventeenth volume of The Monkey Sessions. A histrionic and crazy selection of tracks and styles that will get your feet moving and your head bouncing.

Skip&Die, The Mars Volta, Crystal Castles, Gepe, Beats Antique or even Mano Negra are some of the bands selected by Laprisamata, following a style that he defines as “electronic-andino-galactico-worldrock”. The playlist has been completed by Kings of Mambo with tracks from artists such as Gold Panda, Azealia Banks, Major Lazer, Vampire Weekend and Die Antwoord, to name a few.

Luis Toledo aka Laprisamata is an amazing illustrator with whom we have collaborated lately in our project for the Planet Babylon Festival. Laprisamata has a list of clients with names like Warner Music, Heineken, EA Games or Movistar and has created the artwork for many music albums from La Pegatina, Canteca de Macao or the posters for the Planet Babylon Loco Dance Club. We declare ourselves total fans of his work!

And now it is time to pump up the volume and enjoy the prisamatronik style!