The Monkey Sessions feat. Laszlito Kovacs

The first volume of The Monkey Sessions for 2013 is here and looks like the world is not enough for our guest DJ: the amazing, handsome and international illustrator Laszlito Kovacs!

When we asked Laszlito, he suggested the title “Pulp Sience Fiction” for the list, and our first reaction about it was: what the f**k does that mean? And the second was: who cares? Let’s do it! And so we did: a list full of special themes and rare songs from movie soundtracks and different artists who sing about science, the outter space, the moon, the satellites, the infinite and beyond!

The tracklist for the 13th volume of The Monkey Sessions includes themes from classic movies such as Dune, Moon, Solaris, Star Wars or Moonraker, and also songs by awesome artists like David Bowie, Beck, Arcade Fire, Radiohead or the Flaming Lips, among many others. Songs about science and space, songs that will take you to a journey to the stars and back.

Laszlito Kovacs is one of our favorite international illustrators and as huge fans of his work (if you have the chance, please visit his portfolio right now!), we want to thank him endlessly for being our guest DJ, but even more for the incredible artwork he has created. We feel totally overwhelmed and grateful about this collaboration. Thanks O!

And now it’s time to grab your astronaut suit from the closet and get ready to be sent out into space. Enjoy!