The Monkey Sessions feat. Soundkik App

Kings of Mambo and Soundkik, the first app that allows you to play your favorite music in your favorite venue, bring you the 20th edition of The Monkey Sessions!

So, remember the jukebox machine? That feeling of stepping into your favorite bar, take a coin out of your pocket and choose the perfect song for the perfect moment? With Soundkik is just as easy and fun. And free!

Created by Quico Domingo in collaboration with our friends Rude and Ganyet from Mortensen, we were involved in the projecte by creating the soon to be released website.

To celebrate the launch of Soundkik, The Monkey Sessions recover the playlist created by DJ Mario Deckart for the Soundkik launch party at l’Antiga Fàbrica Damm: Gorillaz, Primal Scream, Arctic Monkeys, Empire of the sun, Mishima or even Datarock… A luxury for your ears!

Download Soundkik now on your iPhone or Android smartphone and start kikin’ around. Join the social jukebox revolution!