Tour Ciudadano FIBA Basketball World Cup by San Miguel 0,0

With the FIBA Basketball World Cup taking place in Spain in 2014, San Miguel 0,0 has promoted the event around Spain in the so called Tour Ciudadano 0,0.

In a similar way to the Olympic torch relay event, thousands of volunteers have been bouncing the official basket ball through the streets of Spain for more than 30 days, announcing the upcoming Basketball World Cup.

Kings of Mambo has been commissioned to take care of the design and development of the campaign website where users from all over the World can see the activity of the #tourciudadano00 in live video streaming and Google Glass integration, sign up to be one of the contestants, Google Maps geolocalization and social networks.


    Mahou San Miguel

  • DATE

    July 2014

  • WORK

    Art direction, web design and development

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    Currently offline